Sunday, May 21, 2017

Week of 5/22

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: We continue to conquer fractions this week! We will continue exploring ways we can compare fractions and order fractions from least to greatest. Our last math test of the year will be next week! Students will practice and review fraction concepts this week and the beginning of next week.

Religion: This week we begin our Family Life unit. We begin with focusing on God's gift of family. We will discuss how God created us to live in communion with Him and with one another. We will explore what it means to be dependable and the importance of family rules. The virtues we will focus in on are justice and obedience. 

Reading and Language Arts: Our weekly theme in RELA this week is: Exploring Under the Sea! We will read nonfiction articles related to explorations that have taken place under the sea. In Writer's Workshop we continue working on final drafts of our Compare and Contrast essays using the chrome books! 

Science: In preparation for the weather presentation at Camden Yards before the baseball game, we will complete a STEM activity involving weather and baseball! Students will explore the importance that weather plays for baseball stadiums across the nation. In addition, our Genius Hour projects are coming along! Students will have two more Genius Hours to prepare for presentations starting next week! Be sure to check in with your child and ask how their project is coming along. Some students may need to spend some time at home working on it as well in order to be ready for next week. 

  • Our Orioles Camden Yards Field trip is this Wednesday, May 24th! Students should wear their Race for Education t-shirts, PE shorts, and PE shoes on the trip, along with any other outerwear that may be necessary. Students should bring a disposable snack and lunch. Due to allergies, the concession stands will be closed for the game. Students may pack their lunches and other belongings in the orange string backpacks they received on Friday. It will be a great day, we can't wait! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Week of 5/15

Happy Mother's Day to all of our Moms! I hope you had a very blessed weekend with families. We are so thankful for you!

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week we continue on in our explorations of fractions. We will use number lines as a tool to help us identify equivalent fractions. We will also compare fractions and order fractions. 

Religion: We will continue to discuss the Fifth Commandment this week in Religion. We will move from recognizing the different components of respecting life, to discussing ways we can put these into practice in our daily lives. Our Family Life Unit has been pushed back to begin next week. Be on the lookout for more information regarding Family Life coming home this week! 

Reading and Language Arts: Our weekly theme in RELA this week is: Putting on a Play! We will be reading and "performing" a funny play titled : "Ranita, The Frog Princess". We will look at elements of plays as we have fun reading it this week! In Writer's Workshop students are gearing up to type their final drafts of their Compare and Contrast Essays! In class novel, students are enjoying their independence and flexibility with their self-chosen novels! 

Science: Our Science Weekly 5 topic this week is: Weather! Students will explore weather maps, create their own "forecasts", and recognize different types of severe weather.

Social Studies: Students will complete their "iMaryland" iPad and iPad "apps" culminating project this week! 

  • Monday is FIELD DAY! Students should wear their PE uniforms as normal to participate in all the fun activities planned! 
  • This Friday is RACE FOR EDUCATION! It will be a great day, having fun and supporting our school! Friday will also be a half day.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Week of 5/8

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week in math we begin Topic: Fractions!!! I know it may sound scary, but we will ease into the process and take it one day at a time! This week we will focus on building a strong foundation with our knowledge of factors and multiples; this becomes essential as we move forward with our fraction lessons! We will also explore prime and composite numbers and begin to look at equivalent fractions. 

Religion: This week we focus on the Fifth Commandment: Respecting human life. We will recognize that all human life is sacred and we are called to respect life. We will recognize that the right to life is the most basic of human rights. We will also extend our understanding by exploring ways we can promote peace as a way of respecting life! 

Reading and Language Arts: We have just finished up Unit 4 in RELA! This week we will be taking our Unit 4 Assessment. On Monday we will take our comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary portion. On Tuesday we will take our writing portion. We will also be continuing on in our Compare and Contrast essays in Writer's Workshop. In class novel, students are excited to continue the novel they chose! 

Social Studies: We will be wrapping up our Maryland Studies unit this week! We will be working on a fun and creative culminating project to show off all our learnings about Maryland. Our Maryland quiz was also postponed until the end of this week. 

Science: Genius Hour continues! We are researching and getting closer to putting our findings together for our projects! Students are having a blast, and I am so impressed with the way students are handling the process and coming up with questions and conclusions as they work. 

  • Wonder projects are due Monday! I am so excited to see what students came up with! 
  • Be on the lookout for information coming home regarding our upcoming Family Life unit. We will be starting that next week!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week of 5/1

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week we will be wrapping up Topic 10: Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors. We will be reviewing concepts we learned throughout the topic and practice becoming fluent with our long division skills. Out Topic 10 test will be this Thursday, 5/5. 

Religion: This week in Religion, we continue to focus on the 4th Commandment: honoring our Mothers and Fathers. We will expand our understanding of this commandment by recognizing how it applies to other people of authority in our lives, such as teachers and leaders in the community. 

Reading and Language Arts: Our weekly theme in RELA this week is: The Sea! We will read nonfiction articles related to the sea, specifically coral reefs. We will read about this interesting and beautiful ecosystem in the ocean. As we are reading, we will be able to sequence the events of the story. In Writer's Workshop we are ready to move on to our rough drafts of our Compare and Contrast essays! In Class Novel, students will begin the novel they chose: Number the Stars or Mr. Popper's Penguins. Students will begin reading and meeting with their Literature Circles this week! 

Science: Continuing on in our Earth and Space Unit, we explore the Moon this week through our Science Weekly Five stations! 

Social Studies: This week we will wrap up our Maryland History explorations, and review some of the features of Maryland we have learned about so far. Students will have a quiz on Maryland this Thursday, 5/4. Students' Maryland Handbooks may be used a study guide to prepare for this quiz! 

  • We have finished our beloved class read aloud, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This read aloud story has been a big part of the development of our classroom community this year. Be on the lookout for our Wonder wrap-up project directions coming home this week! 
  • Our last math enrichment packet of the year goes home this week. This will be for both May and June math concepts. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Week of 4/24

Welcome Back! I hope everyone had a very blessed Easter and a wonderful Spring Break! 

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week in math we will pick right back up with dividing by 1 digit divisors. So far we have practiced division by repeated subtraction, sharing of equal groups, and most recently we learned the standard algorithm. This week we will expand our knowledge of long division and divide by 3 and 4 digit divisors!

Religion: We are all about the 4th Commandment this week in Religion! We will recognize that God wants us to love and respect others. We will take a look at how we are called to do this in our families, with our friends, and even out in the community!

Reading and Language Arts: Our weekly theme in RELA this week is: Whales! We will be reading nonfiction articles all about Whales this week. While reading, we will identify some of the problems whales face today. We will look at problem and solution text features as we read. We will also begin a new Writer's Workshop project this week: Compare and Contrast Essays! We will take a look at the components involved when we compare and contrast and the features needed in our essays. We will read examples, and brainstorm our own topics for our essays! New and exciting things are happening in Class Novel time as well! This week students will preview two new books: Number the Stars by Lois Lowry and Mr. Popper's Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater. Students will use the previewing and "tasting" strategies they used during our Book Tasting. For our last class novel of the year, students will be able to choose which book they would like to read! Students will work independently as well as in Literature Circles for our last novel of the year. 

Social Studies: We are continuing on in our Maryland Studies! This week students will finish up exploring our Maryland Glogster to gather information on Maryland's features. Students will also begin taking a deeper look at some of Maryland's most important historical people and events. 

Science: This week we begin our unit: Earth and Space Science! We start off with our Science Weekly Five topic- The Solar System! Students will read about and interpret diagrams all about the Solar System! 

  • On the horizon... NEXT week students will take their Topic 10 math test, which will focus on dividing by 1 digit divisors. Towards the end of next week, students will also take a Maryland Quiz based on what they have learned so far about Maryland features and history. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Week of 4/10

This Week in Fourth Grade...

This week we enter the Holiest week of the year. We are so blessed to be able to watch and pray together as a class and school, and prepare our hearts for all that this week is.

We have a short time together this week, but it sure is packed full!!

Math: We will certainly fit math into our week this week! Students are building strong foundations in their concepts of division. This week we will explore division as the sharing of equal groups. We will apply our knowledge of division as sharing and repeated subtraction, to begin to explore the standard algorithm of division...long division! 

Religion: We will come together as a class and a school to celebrate Holy Week. We will recognize what this week means for our faith and for our personal relationships with Jesus. On Wednesday afternoon the Intermediate Team will come together to end our week with a Lenten Retreat. Students will rotate through different stations involving prayer, singing, and crafts.

Reading and Language Arts: I have a surprise for students this week in RELA! Last week we finished our class novel, Because of Winn Dixie. The characters and lessons in the story touched us all! We were full of mixed emotions when our story ended last Friday ;) As I finished the last sentence of the book, the class began to applaud. It was such a sweet moment! On Monday we will recreate one of our favorite scenes from the story: Opal's party. This was a big and important scene in our story. We will do our best to recreate this party with most of the fix-ins and decorations Opal had! At our party we will watch the movie Because of Winn Dixie and compare and contrast the book to the movie! But shhh... it's a surprise! ;)

Social Studies: The week has come! ECONOMY DAY is THIS TUESDAY! Students and I are so excited! Economy Day will take place Tuesday afternoon in the Burke Wing. A few other classes will come to experience the goods and services fourth graders have worked so hard to provide! Please have your child bring in their poster advertisement and good or service materials to school with them on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday, we will take our field trip to the Reginald F. Lewis Museum with the Intermediate Team! 

Have a very blessed Holy Week! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week of 4/3

Happy Spring! I cannot believe it is already April! Seeing the students day after day, week after week, I don't always notice the changes and growth that are happening. Recently I was looking through photos I had taken throughout the year, and WOW have these children grown! Physically, spiritually, and academically. It is amazing to reflect back and see how far we have come. This spring, our last trimester, I pray that the sunshine and life growing around us, would inspire us to soak it all up and take a little extra time in the learning process. I pray we can really stop to smell the roses this spring! 

Standardized Testing is behind us, and I am so proud of the students for their perseverance and flexibility last week. We are now getting back into our normal swing of things! 

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: We have completed learning our Topic 9 concepts and skills. Last week, we stayed sharp on our skills by practicing each day. This week we will review again, and prepare to take our Topic 9 test on Tuesday, 4/4. After students have been assessed on Topic 9, we will start to explore our Topic 10 concepts this week: building fluency with dividing by 1 digit divisors. 

Religion: This week we are focusing on how the celebration of the Eucharist can strengthen us! Each day, we will focus on a different part of the Mass and recognize the meaning and purpose for that part of our celebration!

Reading and Language Arts: Our weekly theme in RELA this week will be: Energy Sources! We will read nonfiction articles about different sources of energy, such as the power of oil. As we are reading we will identify new vocabulary words, and use them in our speaking and writing. In Writer's Workshop, students are working on their final drafts of their "How-To" articles. We can't wait for you to read them! In class novel this week, we will be finishing up our beloved story, Because of Winn Dixie! The class and I have enjoyed this one so much! Be sure to ask your child questions about our book, I bet they will have a lot to say!

Science: Our geniuses continue to work on projects they are passionate about this week! Students will be finishing up their project proposals and moving into the research phase of their projects this week! Be sure to ask your child how their project is coming along! 

Social Studies: This week in SS we begin our next unit: Maryland Studies! To kick off our unit this week, students will activating their background knowledge on Maryland features such as our many state symbols, and geographical features as well. 


  • Topic 9 Math Test, Tuesday 4/4.
  • April Math Enrichment packet coming home this week!