Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week of 9/25

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week we will be finishing up our first math topic! We will explore more with division this week, understanding how multiplication and division are inverse operations. We will use our knowledge of our basic multiplication facts to help us learn some basic division facts. We will also begin to review what we have focused on this topic in preparation for our first math test, next week. 

Religion: Students did really well on their Chapter 1 Religion tests last week! I was very proud of the students for reviewing and studying! This week we will begin Chapter 2: Jesus Leads us to Happiness. We will focus on the Beatitudes, and how they lead us down a path of happiness.

Reading and Language Arts: Our Essential Question is: How do people respond to natural disasters? This question is very relevant to us, as so many people have suffered from the recent hurricanes. We will also read nonfiction articles about tornados and earthquakes as we explore natural disasters and their effects. 

In Writer's Workshop students have decided on a memorable event in their life that they wish to write about.  We are beginning to organize and sequence our ideas for our personal narratives.

During Class Novel time we will begin reading James and the Giant Peach! I am excited for the students to have this opportunity to dive into a great book! 

Science: Our focus this week will stay on Slow Changes to the Earth's Surface. We were unable to get through all our stations and activities related to our topic last week, so we will spend this week exploring this topic as well! 

Social Studies: Students continue their travels and explorations through the Northeast Region of the United States! 

Have a great week! :)
Mrs. Drury

Monday, September 18, 2017

Week of 9/18

This Week in Fourth Grade...

Math: This week in math we will be continuing Topic 1: Multiplication and Division- Meanings and Facts. We will explore basic division facts, and take a look at how division can be represented as repeated subtraction. We will relate multiplication and division to see how they are inverse operations, and we can use the multiplication facts we know to help us with division. 

Religion: We will finish up Chapter 1 this week in our We Believe program. We have been focusing on Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life and recognizing ways in which He calls us to live. This week we will use that prior knowledge to identify ways the Church spreads the Good News of Jesus Christ today. We will also emphasize how we are disciples of Jesus, called to spread the Good News. Students will have their first Religion test towards the end of this week on Chapter 1. 

Reading and Language Arts: During our Daily 5 Reading Rotations, students will explore the essential question: How do your actions affect others? They will read stories closely, explore new vocabulary words, and write about our essential question. 

We will begin Writer's Workshop this week! Our first workshop project will be personal narratives! Students will be introduced to the features of a personal narrative, and begin the brainstorming and prewriting stages of their narratives this week. 

In our Class Novel time, students are continuing to explore our "Notice and Note Signposts". These signposts will be helpful tools we refer to throughout the year while reading. 

Science: Continuing on in our Unit titled "Processes that Shape the Earth's Surface", we will focus on Slow Changes to the Earth's Surface this week. Students will move through our Science Weekly 5 stations to read information, gather data, draw diagrams, and complete hands on activities related to our topic. 

Social Studies: We are gearing up to begin traveling through the Regions of the United States! First stop on our tour: the Northeast Region! We will explore major landforms and landmarks, as well as some of the economy in the Northeast Region. 

  • Be on the lookout for information about the students' reading log homework coming home on Monday. Students will be asked to complete their first Reading Log for homework this week. 
  • Pretesting for our new spelling program, Words Their Way, will begin this week. Students scores will be evaluated, and I will begin developing spelling groups. 
  • GENIUS HOUR! begins this Thursday, September 21st! Be on the lookout for a catalog of classes being offered during this trimester for your child. Do you have any interest in hosting a genius hour class? We would love for you to share your gifts and talents! Contact Mrs. Ball  for more information! 

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week of 9/11

This Week in Fourth Grade...

It's the second week of school, and we have a full week ahead of us! We will still be learning our routines and procedures this week, while also starting to dive into our first units!

Math: We will begin Topic 1 this week: Meanings of Multiplication. We will spend time activating students' prior knowledge, and reviewing our basic math facts. We will explore patterns in our facts, as well as different multiplication properties. Knowing our math facts gives us a strong foundation for the year, and helps us out with many skills and concepts! 

Religion: This week we will spend time learning about our classroom's patron Saint: Saint Teresa of Calcutta. We learn about Saint Teresa's early life, and the life she led that led her to Sainthood! We will also begin our We Believe program this week. Our focus will be: Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

Reading/ Language Arts: Our Essential Question in reading this week will be: Where do good ideas come from? We will explore this question through learning new vocabulary words, and reading stories where we see ideas come to life. Students will also be introduced to our "Notice and Note Signposts". There are six "signposts" that we will learn in order to enhance our reading experiences and comprehension. I LOVE how learning these signposts early on in the year can give students excitement and motivation when reading new material. When they find a signpost while reading, their reaction is priceless! I encourage you to become familiar with these signposts as well, and use this language at home when talking to your child about his or her reading! 

Image result for notice and note signposts

Social Studies: We will start off our week by remembering the heroes who risked their lives for us during the attacks on 9/11. We will read age-appropriate stories about this day, focusing on the different types of heroes from this day. We will make connections by discussing who the heroes are in our life today. Later in the week we will begin to explore our first unit: Regions of the United States! 

Science: Our focus in science this week will be- Landforms! We will learn about different types of landforms, and the roles they play on our Earth! 

Have a great week! 

Mrs. Drury

Friday, September 1, 2017

Specials Schedule

Weekly Special's Schedule:

Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: Spanish
Wednesday: Art/ Computer
Thursday: Music
Friday: Art/ Computer

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to School! It is the first week of fourth grade! I hope you all had an amazing summer full of play and family time. The new school year brings with it so much hope and endless possibilities and opportunities! I don't know about you, but this time of year is my "new year"- time for resolutions and fresh starts! I am so excited to begin a new year with your children. 

Our school theme this year is: MERCY. With that in mind, our classroom's theme will be, "His Mercies Are New Each Morning." inspired by Lamentations 3:23. This reminds myself and the students that every day is a new day with a fresh start. We have a chance to make good choices, be kind, and work hard every day! God's mercy, and our mercy towards one another, is always new! 

This first week of school we will focus on identifying and discussing our classroom expectations and procedures. Students will have a chance to share their own ideas and help to create a classroom contract for our class to follow. We will practice and take ownership over our expectations and procedures. 

We will also begin to explore the concept of a "Growth Mindset". This will be a recurring teaching point throughout the year, but we will begin to build a strong foundation and understanding this week. Students will be encouraged to move from a "fixed mindset" to a "growth mindset" where we can really challenge ourselves and persevere through our learning! 

For example, here is a video I will be showing the students this week. It focuses on having a growth mindset in math. I encourage you to watch the video as well, so you can begin to use this same language at home! 

Homework: Be on the lookout for a slip coming home titled "Blessings Board". Students are asked to bring in a picture from home for our Blessings Board! 

God Bless! 

Mrs. Drury 

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Learning!

Happy Summer!

We are striving to be a State of Maryland “Green” School. One example we can show of being intentional with how we use our resources and demonstrate 21st century educational best practices, we are transitioning our summer academic review to an online format. Thank you for joining us in being a school that embraces these sound best practices.
Download free eBooks from our local libraries. Save money and encourage reading. Most of the assigned reading in our St. Augustine Middle School, can be downloaded as an eBook from one of these three libraries.
Anne Arundel Library:

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer, learning and playing! 
Mrs. Drury